Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky Charm goes HOME!!!

It's good to be back! Although it took me an extra 15 minutes to drag myself out of my comfy bed, I had a nice welcome back. A week away from the shelter is like a lifetime there, SO much happens in a week that it feels like I've been gone for months. I came back to a whole bunch of new faces and old faces missing...but in a good way!

First off, I started cleaning in cats and since I haven't been around many cats in a while (besides Jax), my allergies were out to get me in full force! It really sucked. Thankfully by midday it calmed down and I was able to collect myself again.

I then proceeded to look through the dog kennels to see who was there and who wasn't, and I'm happy to say that many of the dogs got adopted! Remember my lunch puppy from my previous post? Well she got adopted! Woo hoo :)

Another special kitty from another one of my posts also went home:

This adorable puppy that came in yesterday was adopted out by a friend of mine today, and OMG is she freaking cute!!! She is a 3 month old Cockalier puppy and if you've ever seen Sex and the City...then you've probably seen this dog before (well...similar enough lol) - Charlotte had one in the SATC movies. Cockaliers are a cross between Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which are now recognized as its own breed; similar to the Cockapoo and Labradoodle (click here for more info on the breed). The second I saw her in the kennels I texted my friend ASAP because I knew she was looking for one, so you'll probably see a picture of her later on in her new home :)

And now to finish off the post with the STAR of the post...LUCKY CHARM GOES HOME!!! This truly made my my WEEK! He is going home on Tuesday with a very special family; one of my coworkers :) She has been trying to convince her husband to be ok with the adoption and he finally said yes; and how could you say no after seeing that smiling face? I am so glad that the luck finally swung his way and now he can go home. It's good to be back.

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