Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Tebow Time

FUN FACT: Although it’s commonly believed that ants never sleep, a study on fire ants showed that the workers within the colony experienced 253 sleep episodes per day and each lasted about 1.1 minutes (click for source).

I thought that was hilarious! Can you imagine a person sleeping like that throughout the day? Yes simple things like this amuse me. Anyways, on to the post! 

Throughout these past weeks, I've learned some new skills, such as how to do a proper fecal exam. First, you need to take a fecal sample in this blue little tube which is usually done in animals that have runny feces or noticable worms in them (gross I know). Then, you need to prepare the slides and check it under a microscope...I knew microbiology would come in handy eventually! I also learned how to make Doxycyline (an immune booster for cats) and have drastically improved my blood drawing skills in dogs and cats. A Veterinarian at the clinic also taught me how to do a skin scrape on dogs to be able to test for skin conditions such as demodex and mange. So much fun stuff :)

Thanks to the Spring and upcoming Summer time, we've had a HUGE increase in the amount of kittens we have been receiving. At the moment, we have around 15-20 kittens up for adoption and around (guesstimating here) 50 kittens that are too young in foster homes. Our cages were almost at capacity the other day! I mentioned before how much I love puppies and kittens, and I do! They are absolutely adorable and cuddly...but at the same time it makes it so much more difficult for the older pets to get adopted (that have been here for a while) since so many people prefer getting a younger pet. I understand it though...who can resist a squishy little puppy or kitten? Here are 4 pictures of cages that each have a littler of kittens...I know they're a little blurry :-/ but you get the idea!

And now...IT'S TEBOW TIME!!!

This wonderful cat named Tebow came in a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to write about him...because he's so awesome! And no it's not just his name that makes him so cool (although I may be a tad bit biased)...he really is a pretty cool cat. He is 2 years old and is an orange tabby that comes from a very nice family with children and dogs; so he get's a long with pretty much anybody. Unfortunately, a newborn in the family developed allergies to poor Tebow and they had to tough decision of relinquishing him to the shelter. The family were big Gator fans and were heartbroken when they brought him in, so I'm hoping he gets adopted soon! Tebow loves to snuggle and is a total lap cat...and it's so appropriate that he's an orange cat with a blue collar ;)

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