Monday, March 12, 2012

Lucky Charm

Today started out pretty slow, I worked cats in the morning and just did the daily chores that needed to be done: wash the carpets for the cages, clean litter boxes, do laundry, give out medicine, etc. etc. The most exciting thing that happened this morning was when I went to the outside patio in free roam room 3, I found Zena, a small female gray cat, sitting triumphantly behind a half-dead lizard. She was looking up at me as if saying "Yup, I found right?". I couldn't help but laugh until I saw the poor thing trying to feebly move, probably trying to get away from Zena. I couldn't find it in myself to squish it I "finished" him by putting it in a bowl of water. Oh the things I have to deal with working in cats.

I was able to walk dogs for the rest of the day since there were no volunteers today. It was such a beautiful day today so I was very excited that I could take advantage of the weather! I started to walk some of the bigger dogs, gave myself a break by walking some smaller dogs, then went back to the bigger ones (we have more big dogs than small). I love walking the big dogs but man can they pull hard! Shelter dogs unfortunately don't get the amount of exercise that dogs should normally get, so when they do...they can get REALLY hyper when they first come out of their kennels. And who gets to rein in all of that energy? This girl. It's a lot of fun because once I get them into the play yard, they get to run around and play fetch, and today I got to use the mini dog pool and water hose. Most dogs absolutely LOVE to play with the water, and there's one in particular that goes nuts in the water - and that is an awesome dog named Lucky.

Lucky is a 2 year old Pitbull that has been here since September 8 of last year, so around 6 months. Way too long in my opinion! He is now a "Star Pet", which means his adoption fee is half of the other dogs since he has been here for such a long time and we want him to get adopted ASAP. He is such a smart, sweet, and happy go-lucky (literally) dog that needs a good home! We call him "Lucky Charm" because every dog that he has been paired up with has gotten adopted (around 5-7 dogs), but he has yet to go home. My goal is to get him a home by the end of this month. So let's see if the luck can actually go his way and if my goal can be accomplished :)

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  1. Good luck with Lucky!!! He is sooooo cute!