Friday, May 18, 2012

A Sneak Peak Inside

Ever wondered what it really looks like INSIDE of the shelter? I can't share much, but I'll give you a little glimpse inside.

Today was, simply put, rough. It was hot, we were tired, and to top it off we were short staffed. The morning cleaning requires a certain number of people to be able to run smoothly and finish on time, but today we had to rush and pick up the pace since we had less people. Just another day at the shelter! Here's a look at what my day kind of look liked:

I was working with the dogs today (mostly cleaning) and this is the long hall of kennels I work in everyday. You'll usually find me walking or running in here throughout the day.

We started an adoption special today for the entire weekend since we have a full house in both cats and in dogs. So hopefully this will get some adoptions going this weekend! The price includes: microchip, shots & vaccinations, spay/neuter, and a free follow-up visit with the clinic. Bet a [yucky] pet store doesn't give you that kind of deal ;)

We had a nice little surprise today! All the staff and volunteers were treated to free ice cream! Such a yummy treat to have in the middle of a hot day.

We had two Newfoundland mix puppies come in yesterday named Sid and Nancy, male and female. I've only seen one purebred Newfoundland come in to the shelter since I've been here; they are rare in Florida because of the warm climate. These two are going to grow up to be HUGE they are definitely not for the inexperienced dog owner. They are currently being dewormed before they can be put up for adoption :)

The dogs know when it's lunch time and they are usually sitting right at their doors, patiently waiting for me to bring in their bowls of food.

I first load up the black wagon with dog food and bowls and then roll it outside to begin feeding. I used to struggle with those giant bags of dog food when I first started...but thanks to some physical labor and Crossfit - they got nothing on me now ;)

After feeding time, many of the dogs start to take naps and I find many of them in these adorable, and sometimes questionable, cuddling positions. I guess the food plus the commotion of the day wipes them out and FINALLY my ears can catch a break from all the barking.

This pic is of Diva, a 2 year old female Lab/Pit mix that is definitely one of my current favorites. She has very expressive eyes and is always wagging her tail anytime I come near her kennel. I spent some time with her and Bear, her kennel mate, towards the end of the day - a pleasant way to end my day.

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