Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special Feature: Tashi's Treats

This is LONG overdue! I am ashamed of myself for not writing earlier and worse, for not sharing this! So where do I even begin? I met Natasha, nicknamed Tashi, a couple of years ago while I was in Gainesville. Since then, she has grown into one of the most compassionate and dedicated young girls I have ever met. She set her mind to creating a project to help less fortunate animals...and guess what? She made that dream into a reality! So inspiring!

T makes these adorable and unique pocket hearts, all handmade, that you can buy online on her Etsy site. Each month she chooses an organization to donate the proceeds made from her crafts. Below is a picture of the rescue she chose for her first month, Gainesville Pet Rescue. This month she chose Second Chance Farms, a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation organization also located in Gainesville.

It takes initiative and heart to make a difference like this, and I couldn't be more proud of her. In T's own words, "anyone can make a difference, no matter how little".

Want to help? Visit Tashi's Etsy site and get yourself one of these adorable handmade pocket hearts! Proceeds go to the animal welfare organization of the month :) 

Please check out her blog and let's show her our support!