Monday, April 30, 2012

Lunch Puppy

Today was one of those days that I felt like throwing in the towel by the time I went home I pretty much just took a shower and knocked out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day! Yesterday I did dog adoptions all day and 9 were able to go home; such an awesome day :) Then today we received about 7 new dogs...sigh, it's a never ending cycle. 

I thought I'd just share some pictures of the puppy I spent most of my lunch break with today - hence the name "Lunch Puppy"! She's a small Boston/terrier mix that came from a litter of 5 (mentioned in a previous post). Her other brothers and sisters have already gotten adopted and she's the only one left. She's getting treated for a punctured eye in Iso, so I've been trying to socialize with her since she's all alone! :(

Here are pictures after the mini-photo shoot I had of her during my lunch break (in order):

I managed to creep in and take a picture of her while she was sleeping. Yes in that position...

And then she woke up!

Look at that face :)

Oh hello there!

Did you come to play with me?

And then she started getting more and more rambunctious...

OoOoh a string...

What's over here?

Made my day better :)

May I chew on you?

Oh, what's this?

Nom nom nom...

I swear I would only let a cute puppy like her chew on my book - she thought it was a delicious treat! This is the book I am currently reading called Dog Sense by John Bradshaw. I'm going to cover a topic I've been reading and learning about in my next stay tuned!

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