Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hectic Schedule

I'm baaack! I know, it's been a while (or at least it feels like it) since my last post. Last week had to have been the most physically exhausting week I've ever had...seriously. The temperature outside has been rising and it gets really hot inside the kennels, especially since we don't have air condition just fans. We're also a bit short staffed so we've been working on overdrive to get things done! And because I'm a masochist, I head to my gym (Crossfit) after work, and last week was an intense week. I was soooo SORE that by Friday, all I wanted to do was lay in bed and recover.

Summer is also one our busiest times of the year because of the amount of animals we receive. Many of them include puppies and kittens that people just can't take care of and a lot of people move or leave for the summer. In other words...IT'S BEEN HECTIC! AHHHH!

I was able to get a picture (of a picture) of Lucky Charm in his new home and wanted to share. My co-worker has been giving me updates and she said that he's been adjusting AMAZINGLY into his new home and is as happy as can be. He spends his days in the dog park, playing with her daughter, running away from the cats, and lounging around the house like every dog should be. This picture is of Lucky with his new friend Java, a female black cat, that is always at his heels. Java has been following Lucky since day one around the house while Lucky does the opposite and walks away scared and confused (although they don't do anything to him). My co-worker got Lucky this new bed the other day and as Lucky went to go test it out for the first did Java. Both of their faces are PRICELESS in this picture, one is curious and the other is resigned . I'm so glad Lucky Charm has such a good home :)

Meet Belle, a 5 year old Boxer/Lab mix that has a unique personality. Belle loves to nudge me whenever I go into her kennel, then gently grabs my forearm in her mouth and tugs me to the cage door as if saying "take me out!". She also has this habit of grabbing the leash with her mouth and taking it upon herself to take the lead whenever she takes a walk. She is quite a special dog that so many people overlook just because she's older and not as "cute" as the other dogs. This is a picture of her doing what she does best - squishing herself into a corner and stretching herself on the floor. Belle's a trip :)

Last but not least, I just wanted to share a picture of these adorable 8 week old puppies. They are (wait for it...) Chihuahua/Lab/Min Pin mixed pups. Bet you've never heard of a mix like that before! These were fostered out and brought in a couple of days ago and since then have already been adopted, and I managed to snag an adorable pic of them before they left. One puppy decided to plop himself on top of his brother and snooze away without a worry in the world, while the other one tried to wiggle himself free. Needless to say he failed and had no choice but to just lay there until his brother decided to wake up. Silly puppies.

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