Friday, May 18, 2012

Updates: Dusty, Cookie, & Monkey

I wanted to share a quick update on three animals that have been adopted out that were mentioned in previous posts. You can click on their names beside the number to see the post they were mentioned in before. THIS is what makes it all worthwhile...seeing them finally get their happy endings and go to their new forever homes :)

#1 - Dusty

Dusty has been here since early March and was being treated for Heartworms in Iso for a period of 3 months. He was put up for adoption today...and was adopted that same day! Didn't I say he would get adopted quickly? I called it ;) He went to a very nice family with kids and huge backyard.

#2- Cookie aka Cookie Monster

Remember Mama Cookie? She was the one who had the newborn pups AT the shelter! Her puppies were sent to a foster home a couple of days ago now that they're old enough to walk and eat on their own. Cookie was put up for adoption soon after and was luckily adopted out not even a day or two later :) Oh and her two puppies (boy & girl) were named after me and another coworker...since we were the ones that found them. Apparently, "Puppy-Laura" is a fiesty little one!

# 3 - Monkey

Monkey was an intriguing cat to me; his face was always so devoid of emotion and he commonly had this characteristic look of disdain to him at all times. Yet once you got to know him, he was the sweetest thing! Just goes to show that looks can be deceiving :)

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