Saturday, April 21, 2012

Angry people...and more PUPPIES!

Yesterday I had the day off but from what my co-workers told me, I missed quite an interesting day! We had one lady who got her application for a dog denied because she lost a cat she adopted from us (and didn't really seem to care) and has a history of neglecting pets. Apparently she threw a HUGE fit and after yelling at the top of her lungs in the lobby, she proceeded to go outside and knock down one of our signs. To make it even worse, she had two young children with her (one who couldn't even walk), which didn't seem to slow her down one bit. The cops were called on her for damage to the property and I hope that they look more into her history for the safety of those kids.

This type of situation is EXACTLY what I'm worried about encountering when doing adoptions. I haven't had to deny an application yet, but I'm hoping that when I won't go down like that. Here's to hoping! People who are denied for dogs (I've seen) act a lot crazier and usually are a lot more angry than the people in cats. I'm not sure if it's because they become attached to the idea of getting the dog or what, but I'm not looking forward to it. I enjoy approving applications and actually sending the dogs out to good homes; it genuinely makes my day! :) You know what else makes my day? Puppies! So here are some more puppies for you to gush over.

Big Puppies

This pair came in on Thursday and have both been adopted and sent home since then. Both are only three months old (!!!) and are German Shepard/Great Dane mixed named Sakura and Buddy. Sakura was actually adopted by one of my co-workers and went home today. So you'll probably get an update for her in one of my future blog posts :)

Small Puppies

All the staff and volunteers have been besotted with these cuties and have been gushing over them ever since they arrived. They are eight week old Boston/Terrier mix puppies and three of them have already been adopted while the other still waiting to be adopted. I can't get enough of puppies...seriously.

Extra Small Puppies!

Say hello again to the smuppies (as my boyfriend likes to say), the extra small puppies! These two are the newborn pups that were born at the shelter about a week ago, and so far they've been doing very well! Cookie, the mom, has been an excellent and very attentive mother. They haven't opened their eyes yet but I'll update on these two later once they start walking and being more alert. I'm gonna see if I can think of some cute names for them soon :)

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