Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kitten Season is Coming!

When we start getting boxes full of kittens...that's when we know kitten season is upon us. We received about 15 kittens in these past two days alone; and this is just the beginning of it! Many people find these kittens outside their homes from a feral cat or "miraculously" their indoor/outdoor cat became pregnant and had kittens. This is why spaying and neutering our pets is so crucial! This is also including feral cats. Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted pets and rehoming those who are homeless already; and the only way to spread that message is through educating the public. In the meantime, our job is to help these homeless pets and give them a temporary home until they can have a more permanent home.

Out of the 15 kittens, 5 were too young to be put up for adoption so they will be sent to a foster home tomorrow and the rest have been put up for adoption. 3 of them were adopted out yesterday, and 2 out today. These furry little kittens go so quick!

How can I help?

There are so many ways for you to help! I'm asked this all the time and having the community involved in helping the shelter animals is very important. First thing is first, ADOPT! If you can't adopt then foster. If you can't foster then volunteer. If you can't volunteer then donate.

What can I donate?

The easiest and most helpful thing you can donate is: money. Any donation, big or small, is a big help to a rescue organization. There are also a lot of other items you could donate, household items, that we use as well:

-Cat Litter
-Canned food
-Crates and cages
-and more!

Those are the basics but ANYTHING helps! We go through so many towels, cat litter, and bleach on a daily basis that we are constantly in need. And I'm sure other rescues are just as appreciative and in need as we are. So think about your local shelter from time to time, they could use your help :)


Remember Rebel from the previous post? The people who adopted him ended up cancelling, meaning he went back up for adoption today. It turns out that he is also partially deaf! Most likely something in his genetics that correlates to his bright blue eyes and white coat color. Found it pretty interesting and thought I would share :)

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