Monday, March 5, 2012


Now to some quick updates! There has been SOOOO much happening at the shelter that it's hard to keep up with the writing. So I'll keep this quick and to the point :)

First, remember those two resident fat campers? Guess what? They BOTH got adopted! Woo hoo! Oh and of course the puppies didn't last...all four have gotten adopted which is no surprise there. Yay for the puppies!

We've also had a lot of changes in staff, but I prefer not to divulge on that information. But because of these changes, I've had the opportunity to start getting trained in Isolation which I am very excited about! Isolation, or Iso for short, is where we separate all the sick cats and dogs and medicate and observe them over time. I have just started learning how to clean, which is pretty much the same routine as the healthy cats and dogs...but just a little more extra steps to secure spreading of the diseases. Mainly cat Iso is the one we keep EXTRA separate since we have to deal with I can no longer work with healthy cats (when in Iso) to keep from spreading any illnesses. I am allowed to work with the dogs though since we don't really have any contagious dogs in Iso. Fun stuff! I also get to work with the veterinarians a little bit more since I will be handling vet checks more often.

Oh and one more thing! The COOLEST dog came into the shelter this weekend - I've never seen one in person before and we were all so in awe when he came in. It was a Newfoundland (pictures below), they are huge water rescue dogs that are really only seen up North. He got adopted in a day (again, no surprise there) and I'm so excited I actually got to see one! The epitome of a gentle giant.

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