Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tebow Gets Adopted

We had a special event happen on Friday that we just HAD to celebrate for. One of the volunteers made brownies in lieu of the adoption of one of our special cats, Tebow. I wrote a post on him earlier when he first came into the shelter (click here). His adoption was extra special because after a couple of days of coming into the shelter, he began to freak out anytime someone tried to take him out of his cage and put him in a meet and greet room with someone. He refused to get out and would hiss, try to bite, and wriggle himself free and jump right in to the cage. We think it was the smell of the other cats in the room and the unfamiliar environment that made him lose it. So the only way people could see him is if he was in the cage...meaning it was going to take a very special person to adopt him without seeing him in a meet and greet room.

As it turns out, there was a girl who came in, a senior in college, that was looking for just one special cat to adopt. She was looking through all the cages and Tebow stood out to her; he would perk up anytime she came close to his cage and seemed to really take to her. The volunteers told her that he doesn't like getting out of the cage and to be careful because he does start hissing and going a bit crazy. A little while later, she managed to take him out of the cage and into the meet and greet room and had him laying on her lap calmly! All the volunteers and staff were freaking out because NO ONE has managed to do that with Tebow and it was as if he chose her as his new owner. Yup there were tears involved (new owner, volunteers, and staff) and a lot of celebration. I was actually in the dog kennels that day and my co-worker announced it on the loud speaker, during feeding I heard "Attention volunteers and staff: Tebow has been adopted!". These are the kind of things and stories that make my job so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling :) Oh and those brownies were delicious!

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