Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Foster Kitten

I've been doing a terrible job at writing lately! I think partly is that I've had a massive writers block this past month and every time I tried to start writing...nothing came out. Working at a shelter has it's ups and downs, pros and cons, just like any other job. The "downside" to my job is dealing with loss on a daily basis. Even if I'm not familiar or close to the animal, it still starts to take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. I try to separate and detach myself sometimes so it makes it more bearable and less painful to see these animals go through so much. Our animals are well taken care of, but many of them come in in terrible condition and from pretty bad situations. It boggles my mind how ANYONE can be capable of hurting a defenseless being and inflict pain on them. Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming this cynical person towards people just because of all that nasty things I see people capable of. But then this young girl came in the other day with a huge box of donations (toys, food, blankets, money, etc.). She said it was her 9th birthday today and for her birthday presents, she asked friends and family to give her donations so she could bring them into the shelter. It's a series of ups and downs and I've come to realize that I need to focus on the positive; the second chances our animals get, the nice people I meet, and uniting people with their new animal friends.

On to my foster kitten! This exuberant little kitten was found in the middle of the street and was caught in a torrential thunderstorm and lucky for her, someone found her and was able to catch her. She's too young to be put up for adoption so she needs to be fostered until she's old enough...and that's where I come in! Kittens must be 8 weeks old and/or 2 pounds in order to be put up for adoption...any younger than that can be dangerous for them to get spayed or neutered (a requirement in all adoptions). She's only 5 weeks old, a little less than a pound, and absolutely adorable! This little girl is all purrs and full of affection...and also nameless! I had some cute suggestions but I still can't decide, and plus I was wondering if I did name her maybe I would get too attached?.....naaah! I think everyone deserves a name and if you have any suggestions, let me know :)

My favorite part about bringing her home is having my cat Jax interact with her and have a new play buddy. He is the sweetest thing and is so patient with her! I previously also puppysat for a friend of mine (blog post on that next) and he loved to play with her too. Considering the kitten is always after his tail and constantly following him around and pouncing on him...he's been pretty nice to her lol. This was his face when I first brought her in...It's as if he was asking me "WHYYY???".

Jax eventually warmed up to the kitten and then I couldn't stop them from running around the house playing...thankfully.

Like I said, she follows him everywhere and is always chasing his swishing tail. I'll be posting up pictures of her later :)

I also wanted to add two more pictures of a cat and dog that stood out to me this week. The first is of an  eight week old Siamese kitten named Mickey and was adopted a couple of days ago. He was named by a friend of mine and I believe the new owners kept his name :) The second picture is of a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger who came in about a week ago because his previous family was moving. He's only about 3 years old and such a smart dog! Hopefully he'll have his chance with a new family soon enough.

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