Friday, June 29, 2012

The Adventures of Jax and Zooey

 I puppysat for a friend of mine for a couple of days and in that time, Jax and the puppy formed quite an adorable friendship! Zooey is a Cockalier (Cavalier King Chalres/Cocker Spaniel) and she was actually adopted from my shelter by my friend who say she is happily spoiled in her new home. She is around 3-4 months old and is the most congenial and lovable puppy EVER! 

Now on to the pictures! I wrote mini captions on the bottom of each picture....enjoy :)

Day 1: Jax is not a happy camper the first day....look at his tense and alert body posture! Eventually after checking her out and realizing that she's not out to eat him, he accepted her into his comfort zone...and eventually took this opportunity to eat her food. He is a fat cat what can I say.


Day 2: I would always find them playing and running around the house. Zooey would be dragging Jax's favorite ribbon and he'd be following right behind her trying to get it. Then I'd catch him hiding in his carrier (that I leave out for him)...sometimes playfully lunging out at her anytime she came near the carrier.

 Below is a video of them playing, totally normal by the way. Jax is being his normal lazy self and plays with her while laying down, while she runs around him being her puppy self. 

After playtime was over...nap time began! My favorite part of the day :) I could hear a pin drop when they would be was wonderful. It was also my favorite because of the positions I would find them in. First I caught Jax sleeping in Zooey's bed when his bed was RIGHT next to it, but he decided hers was better. Then they would either snuggle together or plop somewhere on the floor or on top of was too much cuteness for anyone to handle...seriously. 


Haha corny I know...but you gotta admit they were adorable together! Now Jax has the foster kitten as his stay tuned for more on those two. And here's one last video of these two :)


  1. How absolutely adorable. They've bonded so well... how is Jax adjusting with Zooey gone?

  2. They did, it was so cute! I didn't think Jax would be so easy going with the puppy. At first he seemed a little sad and didn't want to play much but then he seemed ok. Now he has the foster kitten to play with and he likes to play a lot and chase her around...I'll be putting up pictures of them later for sure :)