Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frimousse The Cat

This is a short but sweet post because I am extra tired today and don't feel many words flowing out of my brain at the moment. If I write about everything that happened in the day, I would be writing forever and have a super long post every time! So I just wanted to write about two things today:

One- We had a cat come in to receiving today that was probably twice the size of a normal cat, around 15 pounds, named Frimousse. The lady who dropped him off was from France and was leaving the cat in tears because her 8 year old daughter developed severe allergies to the cat. They were also moving back to France and unfortunately could not take him along with them. I thought the cat's name and humongous size were worth noting for today! I asked her what the name stood for, and in french 'frimousse" means sweet, cute little face. How adorable is that? Just picture a huge white cat with a tiny sweet little face...it's quite hilarious really.


 -First, remember Trip the three-legged cat? My coworker brought him back from fostering because his scars have healed enough that he can be out and about again. Turns out that one of our volunteers who usually fosters kittens fell in love with Trip and decided to take him in! My coworker was so happy that he got placed in a home so quickly, we're just hoping he will get a long with her other 2 cats at home. Let's hope it all works out!

-And remember Maggie the Lab from my previous post "Maggie and Me"? Well she actually got adopted out again today and hopefully the 3rd times a charm! The lady who adopted her had no children and seemed very excited to be adopting her. It's a good thing she had no kids because the two previous families who returned her had kids and said that she was too "hyper" and "energetic" around the kids and kept on pushing them down. So maybe this home will finally be her perfect fit! Every time she got returned (twice), her anxiety would get progressively worse and I don't blame her. So I'm hoping for the best and that she finally got her happy ending :)

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