Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Star Pets need forever homes

Today was quite a busy day! As soon as we opened, the lady who relinquished Frimousse the cat yesterday had a change of heart and came back to get him today. Her 8 year old daughter would not stop crying all night so she they are somehow going to make it work and decided to take him back home. I'm glad he was able to go back home and be with his family rather than be at the shelter.

Right after she left, this guy who came in on Monday to adopt a dog came back again today. He was denied on Monday because his landlord specifically said absolutely NO dogs allowed where he lives, and to not call back again for a dog adoption. He tried to be sly today thinking that we would forget or something, and put his friends number as his "landlord". Little did he know that we had his name on file and we obviously remembered him because of the little temper tantrum he had two days ago. Also, he only spoke Spanish so I was the lucky one that had to deal with him and translate. I told him today, again, that he could not adopt the dog and he would have to look elsewhere for another. It got to the point that I had to call my manager to get him to leave the facility or he would be forced to. Dealing with difficult people is a big stressor in working in a shelter, but it's something that comes with the job. I just need to grow a pair and be a little bit more thick skinned to be able to deal with them.

During the day we were talking about two of our dog star pets and how we really want them to get a home soon. My co-worker thought of the brilliant idea of possibly snazzing up their cages to grab people's attention, and gave me the task of doing it. So I got my creative juices flowing during my lunch break and tackled the arts and crafts project after. We have some arts and crafts stuff in the back from previous summer camps, and I used a foam board to make a sign that people can see as soon as they come in. I also decorated their cages with foam stars, put cute bandanas on them, and have some flyers around with their information (pics below).

Lucky and Ratchett our are two featured Star Pets and both have been here since September of last year. They are both my special "projects" for the month and hopefully they will be able to get adopted soon!

This is what it says on the bottom picture paper with both their information (so you don't have to squint):

Lucky: Hello! I'm Lucky, a 2 year old male Pitbull who came here because my previous family lost their home. I'm good with children and other dogs but never been around cats before. I am playful, friendly, and love playing with water. I even know sit, give paw, and roll over. Do you have space in your heart and home for me?

Ratchett: Hi! I'm Ratchett, an 8 year old male Pitbull/Rottie mix who came here because my previous family had to move. I'm good with older children and other dogs but never been around cats before. I am sweet, playful, and loving. I even know sit, stay, and come. Plus I'm already neutered and can join your loving family today!

I had fun with it and I'm hoping it will get people interested in adopting them. We also received 8 new dogs from County (or Animal Services) towards the end of the day - so plenty of new faces! It's nice to be able to receive dogs from County and save them from their imminent doom if they don't get adopted out over there. It also means a lot more cleaning tomorrow morning...woohoo!

Now, I just wanted to end this post with 3 pictures of my cat Jax. I took some pictures of him this morning while he played with my shoes as I was putting them on and the last pic is my favorite. He has the sweetest little frimousse (ha!) face ever, as if saying "but where are you going, are you leaving?". 

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