Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip and The Puppies

What better way to start a post than with a picture of cute puppies? These four pups came into the shelter two days ago and after some deworming, are now up for adoption! They are pit/lab mixes, about 8 weeks old, three females and one male - oh and one is the adorable runt of the litter. She's on the top picture hiding behind her sister. I love it when puppies come into the shelter :)

For a Wednesday it was pretty busy, and for the past two days I have been in dogs which is awesome! I've been missing my pups and it was about time I went back. There was a lot of tasks and cleaning that had to be done, and thankfully I was able to keep up with it all. I had 3 huge baskets of laundry, making the dog treats, cleaning the cat crates, windows, clipping nails, etc. It's like a never ending lists of things that need to be done and even when I think I'm done...there's always something else that could be done. If only I was this efficient cleaning at home...ha! Yeah right.

We had two Chihuahua mixes come in, brother and sister, and also had two Chow-Chow's come in. The male chihuahua, named Chiki, was able to be processed and put up on the adoption side fairly quickly. The girl, Chikitita (means small in spanish), was a little more difficult to work with. The two dogs came in with a woman and a young girl, so we think they were mostly around women . I'm usually the only girl who works in the kennels, some of my female co-workers work in adoptions and in cats - but I'm the only girl really interacting with dogs. So the guys were trying to get Chikitita to come to them and warm up to them...and she refused! I went into her kennel and let her come up to me on her own terms, let her become comfortable with me...and it worked :) I'm not sure if she's just nervous around guys because of their size or voice but once I got a hold of her, we were able to process her and put her up for adoption. It's happened before in the past and is usually more common in smaller breeds. Oh the perks of being a girl!

There was also a cat who came in Tuesday with his left front leg in really bad shape - I honestly thought he was going to be put down because there probably wasn't enough funds to do an amputation. Turns out, they were able to save the little guy and amputated his front leg! My co-worker took him home yesterday and is going to foster him until he is healed and is ready to be put up for adoption. How awesome is that? He's a flame-point cat and his name is Tri-Pod, or Trip for short. The picture below is right after his surgery and I'll make sure to put up updates and pictures of Trip later :)

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