Thursday, February 9, 2012

All dogs go to heaven

Today was a pretty slow day, I was in cats today and spent most of the day cleaning. Usually we're swamped with tasks and stuff to get done, but today seemed pretty easy for some reason. Maybe it was the chilly and gray day we were having? A lot of the cats and dogs were napping their lives away, which is nice since they're a lot quieter than usual. So I kept myself busy by clipping most of our cats nails, much easier to do than for the dogs! Good practice for me too.

But of course something interesting had to happen today, if not it wouldn't be a normal day! First, this morning while doing our morning cleaning, I found some roundworms in one of the dog's feces. I'll go more into detail on the topic of worms later in another post just dedicate to that...but man was it gross! They look like long white earthworms embedded in their feces. The worms were already dead, but we still have to scoop their poop with separate equipment and make sure that they stay in their kennels so we don't risk getting the other dogs sick. In the meantime, they will most likely be treated until they are completely dewormed.

Second thing, we got a dog return yesterday (I'll call him Sammy) after they adopted him sometime in December. He was a male Mastiff mix, around 5 years old, and a complete sweetheart! He was here when I first started my job and I fell in love with this guy - he was such a gentle and sweet big boy. It was a family who adopted him and apparently he would pee sometimes in the house, and they didn't have the "time" to train him properly. They seemed like such a nice family and then we come to realize he was pretty beaten and scared...clearly they didn't take care of him :( Definitely not his usual self. He would flinch every time someone moved too fast near him and put his tail in between his legs - something he NEVER used to do before he got adopted. He turned out to have some pretty serious health issues and we had the tough decision of having to put him down (I don't think it was directly related to the owners mistreating him).

Which takes me to my title - All dogs go to heaven. It's something that never gets easier with time and is always a tough decision for us to make. We don't take the issue of euthanasia lightly and only do it when we know that the dog is clearly in pain. It makes me a little happier to think that these furry critters get to go to a happier place after they leave us :) It may be a bit naive of me, but I don't care. All they do is give us love no matter what they've been through; true eternal optimists even though people disappoint them over and over again. RIP Sammy.

Now to end this post on a lighter note! I took two pictures that made me smile today, even though it was such a bummy day.

Left: An adorable puppy that came in yesterday named Stoner (ha, I know). A 6 month old bundle of love!
Right: A young female cat that has a creepy yet funny smile on her at all times. Sweet as can be but such a funny face!

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