Monday, February 6, 2012

First Post

My first post EVER! So I've been wanting to start a blog for a very long time...but couldn't decide on what to write about. This past November I began my job at a local shelter and I have decided to write about my experiences while working there.

Ever since I can remember, I've had a true passion for animals and have always wanted to pursue a career in Veterinary Science. I graduated in August 2011 with Bachelors in Animal Science but I hesitated to apply to veterinary school because I thought...maybe it wasn't for me? I then received this job offer at the shelter as an Animal Care Specialist, and I absolutely love it! It's emotionally and physically exhausting...but I'm pushing through it and learning as much as I can from this opportunity.

These past 2 months, I've seen a lot of different animals with various diseases, behavior issues, and stories. It's overwhelming! Every night after I came home from work, I would research whatever new disease I saw and learn a little more about it. So why not blog about it? This way I can look back at it and at the same time share all this lovely info with anyone who cares to read along. Stay tuned!


  1. so has a decision been made on the "hesitancy" part? I cant wait to share your posts with T... perhaps you can also post pics of the animals there? It would be wonderful if your blog will help all of them find homes!!! =o) <3

  2. Definitely, it's happening! In due time I'll start applying when I feel ready. For now, I'll learn as much as I can through this job :)