Thursday, February 16, 2012

So Much To Clean!

I had a rough morning today...woke up feeling sluggish and getting out of bed at 6am everday is not fun -__- But I did it nonetheless and I've gotten used to starting my days early. So much so that I wake up early on my days off. We did the usual cleaning, and I was in dogs like I usually am. I clock in first thing then switch to my water boots, pick up my hair...and get to work! There are so many steps and things we need to do before 9:30am (we open at 10am) that by that time, I'm already exhausted. We rinse the kennels inside and out, spray it down with a special chemical that kills bacteria, scrub, rinse again, then squeegee the water out so the floors are dry. We also feed, walk dogs, process them, do laundry, bathe dogs that need much fun stuff before we open to the public. Oh and it continues throughout the day and just gets more and more hectic. It's way more complicated than that but that's just the gist of it. It's no wonder I lost so much weight! lol

So today wasn't too bad, we had 5 dog adoptions which is awesome! For a Thursday, that's a pretty damn good day. Two went together to one family and the other three to some other wonderful homes. Bailey, a pointer mix, and Gun, a hound/lab mix were two of the dogs that went home. Blue, a pit/lab mix, also got adopted after being here for like a month. He was one of my favorite dogs and we were all so excited that he got adopted! He reminded me of the dog from Blue's Clues with his adorable floppy ears and little black eyes :) Such a cutie pie.

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