Monday, August 20, 2012

So many pure breeds!

Who said you don't find purebred dogs at a shelter? This Saturday was quite a busy day, like it usually is, and unfortunately a large part of the day consisted of receiving dogs. Surprisingly the majority of the dogs that came in were purebred dogs! Usually we get a varied mix, many pitbulls and small terrier/chihuahua dogs...but not today. Let me share with you three of the ones that came in and I was able to get a picture of...all are up for adoption! :) 

Jack was the first to come in early in the morning, his owner's husband passed away and she was unable to care for him alone. Big dogs are quite a a responsibility and require a lot of space, time, and money in order to care for them properly...but man are they cool! Jack came with a personalized leather leash and collar that had his name engraved on it and with the red cross rescue logo on it. St.Bernard's are known to be a large breed of working dogs, specifically as search and rescue dogs (hence the cross logo). He weighed in at a whopping 130 pounds...which is actually in the lower weight range for the breed!

Mr. Jack is a lovable giant that is friendly to everybody and extremely affectionate; he's a huge teddy bear! We received a St.Bernard not too long ago, but he was pretty aggressive and territorial. With this breed, it is ESSENTIAL to start socializing and training them while they are still puppies to avoid behavioral issues when they are adults. They are know to be very stubborn dogs, although friendly, and are also very intelligent. OH and did I mention they drool like crazy too? 

Fun fact: There are two St. Bernard's that are pretty famous - remember the family comedy movie Beethoven?? Or better about the movie Cujo? 

Above is Rocky, a Belgian Malinois, who came in right after Jack did because they just couldn't afford to care for him. Only a year and half old, Rocky is quite a skiddish and timid boy! I had to sit in the cage with him for a while until he felt comfortable enough with me to let me put a leash on him...sometimes it just takes a little longer with some dogs and we need to be patient with them.

 A Belgian Malinois is very popular in the K9 police force in many fields of the work force (odor detections, explosive, search and rescue, etc.). They are in the same family as German Shepherds with a couple of key differences - they are faster and more agile than their cousin. The Malinois is an older breed while the German Shepherds are a relatively newer breed. The color of the Malinois is also a base color of tan or fawn with the occasional black mask on its face, unlike the Shepherd which has black markings on their coats. To be honest I've never heard of this breed until I met Rocky! They are highly intelligent dogs that are very friendly and loyal. 

Last but not least, Maya the adorable 6 month old Rottweiler puppy came in! 

Rottweilers were also bred to be working dogs and used to be hunters for the Romans, although now the modern Rottweiler's aren't the hunters their ancestors used to be. They are used as guard dogs, police dogs, guides, in search and rescue, and in other roles. These heavily muscled and big-headed dogs are HUGE love bugs if raised properly! I've met plenty of Rotties that are ridiculously friendly and awesome companions. 

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  1. maya reminds me of my dog when she was a puppy but now my dog is fat and old lol