Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pies for Paws!...?

Quite an interesting day to say the least! I was pretty busy all day today since I was the only adoptions counselor in the dog I definitely had my hands full. One of my favorite things as an adoptions counselor is having adopted dogs and their new families come back to visit. I love seeing how happy they are and how they have been adjusting to their new homes, it truly makes my day! :)

Yesterday and today, I had three dogs come back with their owners to visit and say hello. One was a black pit/lab puppy named Lucy that is not the tiny puppy she used to be anymore, but definitely acts like one! She was sporting her bright pink paw prints collar and fashionable matching leash. The other was a black Lab named Sammy that was one of the most skiddish and nervous dogs I have ever seen come in to the shelter. Today he came in holding his head high and looked a lot more relaxed and happier than ever, a totally different dog! Harley was the last one to come in and visit, a male Pitbull that had the sweetest personality and loved to give kisses. As soon as he walked through those doors he ran straight up to me and nearly knocked me over in excitement. These are the kind of things I look forward to when I do adoptions, knowing that I'm sending them off to a better life and to a happy home. Made my stressful and hectic day not so bad!

During lunch I went out to grab a snack with a co-worker across the street, and as we were coming back we saw a big flashing sign on the side of the road. Across the street is our County Animal Services and they also have pet adoptions as well. There sign is what caught us off guard and I couldn't help but read it, it said "Adoption Special going on Today! Pies for Paws!". What could this possibly mean?? Clearly my curiosity got the best of me so as soon as we got back to the break room I called over and asked what the special was...ready for it? If you adopt a pet you get a pie...?!

 I found it absolutely hilarious! I mean it's great that they're doing some kind of special for people to be "rewarded" with after adopting a dog or cat...but a pie? Would you want a pie after adopting a pet? Sounds kind of strange to me but hey, to each their own! I guess desperate times call for desperate measures...

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