Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amber the Bull Terrier

How many times have you seen this dog on TV commercials and at the ever infamous Target store? I bet plenty! I'm sure many of you don't know much about the dog besides that it's the poster child for Target right? I didn't know much about the breed either until a very special dog came into the shelter about a month ago...and her name is Amber. 

Meet Amber a.k.a the Bull Terrier!

Bullseye is the dog featured in all the Target marketing and advertising campaigns, while Amber is a sweet girl that lives in a shelter. Bull Terriers are known to be extremely friendly and social dogs and are definitely attention getters in public. It's hard to not to stop and be amazed by that football shaped head and short muscular body. Apart from their unusual physical appearance, their personality is much softer than that; they usually become strongly attached to their families.

Unfortunately for Amber, she was tested positive for Heartworms and is currently in Isolation being treated (it takes at least 3 months of treatment to get rid of the pest). So we're trying to keep her as engaged and enriched as possible while she's being treated. It's tough when they are kept in isolation, some of them get what is called "kennel crazy" and start to in a sense, "lose it". Dogs need constant stimulation and they thrive on human companionship, so being left alone is definitely not ideal. Her new habit is hiding under her tiny bed or cuddling with her favorite teddy bear. I researched the breed, and apparently they are also known as "the kid in a dog suit". I couldn't agree more! That describes Amber perfectly! She's a total clown and will love up on you until she's snuggled on your lap.

Let's hope I can have an update on Amber in the near future with news of her getting adopted :)

Update: The day started off with good news! Maya the Rottie and Rocky the Belgian Malinois from my previous post have all been adopted in these past couple of days! 

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