Monday, August 6, 2012

My foster Ginger was ADOPTED!

Would I ever consider fostering again?

Yes, yes, and a million times YES!

My day today started off with GREAT news, my foster kitten Ginger was adopted this weekend!  I was off this weekend so it was such a pleasant surprise to see that she was going to go home to a wonderful family tomorrow! I was oh so close to keeping her but my boyfriend talked me out of it by kicking some sense into me (I needed that). I would also like to foster in the future so I can't just get attached to every animal because then I'd have a zoo! It also means that's one less animal that would have a chance at being fostered and getting put up for adoption. I'd probably consider keeping a foster if it was older and it fight right in to my home; I know how difficult it is for an older pet to get adopted versus kittens and puppies. They have a much higher chance of getting adopted so I knew I was making the right decision in not keeping her and taking her back. Thankfully it all worked out for the best and Ginger will be sent home tomorrow to a wonderful family :) 

What was the hardest part? 

Obviously the hardest part was bringing her back to the shelter and seeing her locked up in a cage for a couple of days until she was adopted. Yes I cried...what can I say, I'm a big sap and get attached to these furry friends fast, so it was quite an emotional day for me! Especially after I've seen her grow for an entire month and got used to her scurrying around the house. But the rewarding feeling I got when I saw that she was adopted FAR outweighed the sadness I felt in bringing her back. Just comes with the territory of fostering! 

Champ the Boxer

This guy came in a little while ago and I'm a little late on posting his picture....but hey, better late then never! Champ was an absolutely hilarious and goofy dog that was quickly adopted by one of my co-worker's family members. When he first came in he was bouncing off the walls, knocking us all over, and wagging his entire behind until he wore himself out. This is how he ended up after his whirlwind made processing him so much easier! Giving him his shots was a breeze when we definitely thought that Champ was going to be a challenge :) 

Owner Tip: Take your dog for a lengthy walk and/or run before heading to the vet! That way your pooch will have released plenty of energy beforehand and will be a lot more calm during their vet visit, especially if you know that they get anxious and jittery during the visit. 

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