Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Updates...OH MY!

Now where do I even begin??? I've had a lot going on this past month with the holidays, work, and school...and it's only going to get crazier! But I miss my blog and I wanted to update everyone on a couple of things.

Raina the Australian Shepherd

This is Raina the 6 month old Australian Shepherd. I saw her for the first time the day after she was brought in, and I KNEW that she was a special dog. I immediately wanted to adopt her and I almost did...

I ended up fostering her for a couple of days to see if adopting a dog now would be a good idea and also to work with her for that time. Her previous family was a lady and her young son that had (I believe) it was Turrets or some form of autism, and any time Raina would get too excited and play a little rough, he would hit her. Now I don't know how bad it was or if it was even as bad as it sounded, but she was getting to the point of biting back out of fear and defense. That's when the mom decided to bring her in to the shelter before it got worse. Luckily she's very young and once she we taken out of that environment, her nipping stopped and she seemed to immediately relax and be her happy self.

The time I had her at home was...interesting to say the least. Raina was wonderful, always happy and excited to see me and ready to play 24/7! The first encounter with my cat Jax was tense at first, her hackles were raised and Jax was definitely not pleased to see her. Anytime he ran away she would run right after him...which I could expect because it's in her nature. As an Australian Shepherd, her instinct is to herd other animals and chase I had to keep them separated for the first couple of days.

Then what do you know...they got ALONG! I was actually surprised that it happened so quickly and that she stopped chasing him and he stopped running away. But then I really took the time to think about it, and I realized that I am not ready to adopt and commit to a dog right now. At this point in my life, I am focusing on my goals for the future and with work, school, and other commitments, I'm almost never home! Financially I am also on a tight budget, so I decided after a lot of thinking that it wouldn't be in Raina's best interest for me to adopt her. I wouldn't be able to provide the time and attention she needs and deserves, so I brought her back from fostering and luckily she was adopted that same day.  I also didn't keep Edward my other foster cat for the same reason, I'm going to end up with a zoo if I want to keep every foster! That's the only difficult thing I've found about fostering, bringing them back. I get attached very easily and if I ever want to foster again in the future to help other animals, I can't keep them all. Doesn't ever get any easier though...

I did learn quite a bit with Raina and what it takes to really care for a dog. I'll adopt a dog once I feel ready and know that I can really commit to them. My time will come eventually! Bringing her back to the shelter though was EXTREMELY difficult, and that was after only 4 days AND I was just fostering her. Which got me on Earth can people bring in their pet after years of being with them just because they're moving, can't afford them, etc, etc.??? I could barely do it after a couple of days of JUST fostering...I would never ever be able to do that to my own dog or cat that I've had for a long time. I just don't get it.


On to a happier note! One of my favorite long timers at the shelter was adopted and I just had to share! He was a very special dog that I fell in love with, and I am so happy to see the family he is with now. They absolutely love him and have been spoiling and enjoying him ever since. Booster is a male Pitbull that was brought in originally because his family was moving, and was here for a very long time. He was actually adopted out twice from the shelter and brought back both times because they were "unable to handle him". Basically, he was too strong for them and they couldn't or didn't want to even try.

Booster is a big baby that wouldn't hurt a fly, but he was pure muscle and walking him was quite a task. A normal leash and collar wouldn't do the trick with him; the only way he could be easily walked was with an easy walk harness on him. Once he had that on, he walked like a dream! He didn't pull or drag you down at all, and we explained that to the adopters and that was the first thing they bought for him. Now he is one happy adopted boy with (from what they told me) a huge comfy bed all for himself, although apparently he'd rather be on the bed with his owner. So glad he got his happy ending!

The Cat in the House

I found this adorable house for Jax and bought it for him, and he loved it! Just had to share.

My New Car

My last update is about my shiny new car. My old car threw in the towel on my way to work about a month ago, so I made my first big girl purchase and bought myself a new car. It's newer version of my old car and I absolutely love it. This is the front end of it...of course I had to put my own personal touch on it. More posts to come soon :)


  1. Raina is beautiful, I can see why you were attracted to her in the first place. It's great she found a new home so quickly! I hope it's a permanent one this time.

    Congratulations on the new car! And to Jax for his new house. They are both super cute. :-)

    1. So sorry for the ridiculously late reply, but thank you for your comment! I got an update from her new owner and she is doing great :)

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