Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

The shelter has been SOOOO busy lately it's overwhelming! We have been receiving an alarming amount of pets from the community, and our manager has decided to reduce the adoption prices for cats and dogs over a year of age. It's THAT full! Our kennels are practically full, with the max amount of two dogs to a cage and the cat building is almost there as well. On a better note, the weather has been getting gradually cooler, and we're all starting to feel even the sligthest difference...and I'm so excited! I'm so over the summer heat and I'm sure all of the dogs are as well. Bring on the cold fronts please.

I've also been very busy with a class I'm taking this semester to fulfill the requirement to start applying to vet school. With that, my time spent in Crossfit after work, and other things...I haven't had any personal time, including my blog :( So I thought I'd make a picture post today. I wanted to share an accumulation of pictures I've taken of some of the cats and dogs I've caught sleeping. Enjoy :)

 And then some of my lazy cat Jax :)


  1. Picture #9 of the white dog is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha I know! I catch them in the best positions :)